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Citizenship by investment

Turkey Investment Programs

Turkey Citizenship by Investment offers a range of investment pathways to obtain Turkish citizenship:

  1. Real Estate Investment: Investors can choose to invest in qualified real estate projects, including residential and commercial properties. The minimum investment is $250,000, and the property must be held for at least three years.

  2. Capital Investment: Investors may opt for capital investments, such as purchasing Turkish government bonds or depositing funds into Turkish banks. The minimum investment amount for this option is $500,000.

  3. Job Creation: Another avenue involves creating jobs for Turkish citizens. This option typically requires employing a minimum number of Turkish nationals and maintaining this workforce for at least three years.

Benefits of Turkey Citizenship


Gaining Turkish citizenship through investment comes with a plethora of advantages:

  • Visa-Free Travel: Enjoy visa-free entry or obtain a visa for more than 110 destinations, including Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore.

  • USA E-2 Visa: Turkish citizens may apply for an E-2 Investor Visa in the USA, which can be renewed for a five-year period.

  • Citizenship for Family Member: Secure full citizenship for both the applicant and their family members.

  • Climate: Gain citizenship in a country with a delightful Mediterranean climate, stunning landscapes, and a high quality of life.

  • Economic Opportunities: Turkey's thriving economy offers a diverse range of sectors for investment and business growth, including manufacturing, tourism, and technology.

  • Cultural Heritage: Immerse yourself in Turkey's rich cultural heritage, from the ancient wonders of Istanbul to the stunning landscapes of Cappadocia.

  • Strategic Location: Turkey's strategic position at the crossroads of Europe and Asia makes it a vital hub for trade, connecting markets and opportunities.

Timeframe for Processing

The processing timeframe for Turkish citizenship by investment is known for its efficiency. Typically, applicants can expect their applications to be processed within a 4 - 6 months, making it a relatively swift pathway to Turkish citizenship.


Procedure of Obtaining Turkey Citizenship by Investment


The procedure involves several key steps:

  1. Initial Application: Applicants gather and submit all required documents, including proof of investment and personal records.

  2. Due Diligence: In-depth background checks are conducted to evaluate the applicant's eligibility and compliance with Turkey's citizenship laws.

  3. Investment: Applicants make the required investment in accordance with their chosen program and adhere to the specific terms and conditions.

  4. Citizenship Approval: The application undergoes a thorough review process, and upon approval, the applicant is granted Turkish citizenship.


Requirements needed to obtain Turkey Citizenship by Investment

To qualify for Turkey Citizenship by Investment, applicants must meet specific criteria:

  • Make the required financial investment or capital investment, or create jobs as per the selected program.

  • Maintain the investment or workforce for the specified period.

  • Have no criminal record.

  • Demonstrate a genuine commitment to Turkey.

Dual Citizenship Turkey

Turkey allows dual citizenship, offering flexibility to individuals who wish to retain their existing citizenship while becoming Turkish citizens. This flexibility provides the benefits of multiple citizenships.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the legal foundations of Turkey's Citizenship by Investment Program?

Turkey's Citizenship by Investment Program was established in 2016 under the Turkish Citizenship Law (Law No. 5901) and subsequently amended in 2018. It's regulated by the government through the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, with specific investment activities approved by various ministries depending on the investment type. The program is designed to be flexible and efficient, with the goal of appealing to investors by offering a straightforward and expedited pathway to citizenship.

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