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Citizenship by investment

Grenada Investment Programs

Grenada Citizenship by Investment offers a variety of investment pathways:

  1. National Transformation Fund (NTF): Applicants can contribute to the NTF, with a minimum donation of $150,000 for a single applicant or $200,000 for a family of up to four members.

  2. Real Estate Investment: Invest in government-approved real estate projects with a minimum investment of $220,000. The property must be held for a specific period, generally five years.

  3. Business Investment: Entrepreneurs can invest at least $1.5 million in an eligible business venture, creating jobs and contributing to the country's economic development.

Benefits of Grenada Citizenship

Gaining Grenada citizenship through investment brings a multitude of advantages:

  • Visa-Free Travel: Grenadian citizens enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to over 140 countries, including the EU, the UK, and China.

  • Grenada Citizenship for Family Members: Grenada's citizenship program is family-friendly, allowing you to include not only your spouse but also dependent children under 30, parents and grandparents aged 55 and over, and unmarried siblings of the main applicant and/or their spouse. This inclusive approach ensures that families can embark on the journey to Grenadian citizenship together.

  • Grenada Citizenship by Descent: Grenada also offers the option of citizenship by descent, allowing your children and grandchildren to inherit citizenship. This provides a lasting connection to the beauty and opportunities that Grenada offers.

  • E-2 Investor Visa Treaty with the USA: As a Grenadian citizen, you gain eligibility for the E-2 Investor Visa Treaty with the USA. This treaty opens doors to investment and business opportunities in the United States, making it an attractive option for international investors and entrepreneurs.

  • Global Business Opportunities: As a Grenadian citizen, you can explore international business ventures and investments with ease.

  • Educational Access: Grenada offers a high standard of education, making it an excellent choice for families seeking top-notch schooling for their children.

  • Stunning Natural Beauty: Immerse yourself in Grenada's lush landscapes, pristine beaches, and vibrant culture.

Timeframe for Processing

The processing timeframe for Grenada citizenship by investment is notable for its efficiency. Typically, applicants can expect their applications to be processed within a relatively short period in 3 - 4 months, making it a swift pathway to obtaining citizenship in this Caribbean nation. This streamlined process ensures that investors can enjoy the benefits of Grenadian citizenship without unnecessary delays.

Procedure of Obtaining Grenada Citizenship by Investment

The procedure involves several key steps:

  1. Application Submission: Applicants submit their applications along with all required documents.

  2. Due Diligence: A thorough background check and due diligence process assess the applicant's eligibility and compliance.

  3. Investment: After due diligence approval, applicants make the required investment in their chosen program.

  4. Citizenship Approval: The application undergoes a review process, and upon approval, Grenada citizenship is granted.

Requirements needed to obtain Grenada Citizenship by Investment

To qualify for Grenada Citizenship by Investment, applicants must meet specific criteria:

  • Make the required financial contribution or investment.

  • Pass a due diligence check.

  • Have no criminal record.

  • Demonstrate a genuine commitment to Grenada.

Dual Citizenship Grenada

Grenada allows dual citizenship, providing applicants with the flexibility to retain their existing citizenship while enjoying the privileges of Grenadian citizenship.

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