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Startups in the Czech Republic

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Startups in the Czech Republic

Facts about startups in the Czech Republic:

1. Innovation hubs: The Czech Republic offers various innovation hubs and spaces for startups. For instance, Prague has the "Prague Startup Centre," which provides support and consultations to early-stage companies.

2. Government support: The Czech government actively supports startups and innovative projects. There are different funding programs, grants, and tax incentives that help startups to grow and expand.

3️. Technical education: The Czech Republic has a high level of technical education. The country is home to prestigious technical universities that supply startups with talent in fields such as information technology, engineering, and other technical sectors.

4️. Attractiveness to investors: The Czech Republic attracts international investors with its favorable business environment. There are venture capital funds and investment programs supporting the growth and development of startups.

5️. Competitions and accelerators: The Czech Republic organizes various competitions and accelerators that provide startups with opportunities for funding, mentorship support, and access to investor networks and experts.

6️. International expansion: Many Czech startups successfully expand into international markets. With their innovative approach and competitive solutions, Czech startups actively compete on the global stage and attract international clients and partners.

The startup ecosystem in the Czech Republic is constantly growing and offers plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs. If you are interested in registering your startup in the Czech Republic, we recommend contacting our company, AMS Europe s.r.o. We specialize in business consulting and legal support and are ready to assist you in the registration and establishment process of your startup. Contact us to discuss your needs and embark on your entrepreneurial journey in the Czech Republic.


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