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Immigrate to Czech Republic from Kazakhstan

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Immigrate to Czech Republic from Kazakhstan

For citizens of Kazakhstan wishing to immigrate to Czech Republic, as well as for other citizens of former Soviet Union states, there are several migration programs, depending on the purpose of the visit and intentions for long-term stay in the country. Below are the main programs that will allow you to relocate from Kazakhstan to Czech Republic:

  • Immigrate to Czech Republic from Kazakhstan for the purpose of education.

  • Work permit in Czech Republic.

  • Blue Card in Czech Republic.

  • Family reunification in Czech Republic.

  • By descent.

  • By marriage.

A long-term visa to Czech Republic for citizens of Kazakhstan is typically processed in an average of 2-3 months, depending on the aforementioned purpose of stay.

There are specific advantages for citizens of Kazakhstan in obtaining a long-term residence permit in Czech Republic:

  • Freedom of movement to any Schengen Agreement countries.

  • Unlimited presence on the territory of the Czech Republic.

  • Possibility to apply for a mortgage and purchase real estate.

  • Opening of sole proprietorship or company with a bank account in any bank in Czech Republic.

  • Option to relocate your long-term residence permit to any other EU country.

After 5 years from the date of your first registration in Czech Republic, you have the right to apply for Czech permanent residency. To achieve this goal, you need to go through two extensions of your long-term visa. After another 5 years, you can apply for Czech citizenship through naturalization.

The process of obtaining a long-term visa in Czech Republic can vary depending on the purpose of your stay. Contact our lawyer for a free consultation to determine the optimal purpose of your stay in Czech Republic based on your situation.


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