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How to obtain Czech citizenship by descent

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

obtain Czech citizenship by descent

To obtain Czech citizenship by descent, you must provide evidence of your heritage, meet specific eligibility requirements, and present both personal and ancestral documents.

Before applying for Czech citizenship by descent, it is recommended to consult with our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic. Our expert can provide you with additional information, answer all your questions, and assist you with every step of the application process according to Czech Republic immigration law.

It's crucial to note that the Czech Republic and Slovakia emerged as separate nations following the dissolution of Czechoslovakia on January 1, 1993. The dissolution date and the nationality status of individuals residing in the former Czechoslovakia region play a pivotal role in acquiring Czech citizenship through ancestry.

Who can claim Czech citizenship by descent?

According to the Czech Citizenship Act, applicants can assert their citizenship through declaration if:

  • They have lost their Czech or Czechoslovak citizenship, or

  • They are direct descendants of current or former Czech or Czechoslovakian citizens.

It's important to note that the details provided above are simplified and each case comes with its unique features and nuances.

Who is eligible to apply for Czech Republic citizenship by descent?

To be eligible for Czech citizenship, at least one of your ancestors (mother, father, or grandparents)

must meet the following conditions:

  • They were born in the Czech Republic.

  • They did not leave the territory of the Czech Republic before 1918.

  • They never became citizens of the Slovak Socialist Republic on 01/01/1969.

  • They never held Slovak citizenship after 01/01/1969 or are currently citizens of Slovakia.

Even if one of your direct ancestors meets all the criteria mentioned above, you may still be eligible for Czech citizenship if:

  • They lost their Czech citizenship, or

  • They were citizens of Czechoslovakia until 31/12/1992 and have not declared their citizenship as either Czech or Slovak since then.

  • Your ancestors were born in Czechoslovakia between 01/10/1949 – 07/05/1969 and did not acquire Czech citizenship through declaration during that period.

It's important to understand that the law contains specific dates, nationality requirements, and affiliations that must be met for eligibility.

Application process for Czech citizenship by descent

If you are currently in the Czech Republic, you can submit your application for Czech citizenship to the regional authorities. If you reside abroad, you can submit your application to the nearest Czech embassy.

The regional authorities will then forward your application to the Czech Ministry of Interior within thirty days of receiving it. The Ministry of Interior holds the authority to accept or reject your application.

Upon receiving your application, the Ministry of Interior can issue a decision regarding your citizenship within 120 days.

Is Czech citizenship by descent right for you?

Czechia offers numerous advantages, including a strong passport, EU membership, dual citizenship rights, and a simplified tax regime, making it an attractive option.

Considering these benefits, pursuing Czech citizenship by descent should be a straightforward decision.

While the constitutional aspects and paperwork may appear complex, we understand the challenges associated with gathering documents and navigating bureaucratic processes. Our immigration lawyers will guide you through the entire process, ensuring you have the best possible chance of success.


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