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Czech citizenship by marriage

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Czech Citizenship by Marriage

According to the current immigration law in Czech Republic, foreign citizens can become Czech citizens by utilizing options provided by the law. However, the process of obtaining Czech citizenship by marriage is not straightforward, even though foreign citizens married to Czech nationals have the right to apply for it. Details of this procedure are presented in this article.

Our immigration lawyers in Czech Republic can provide comprehensive consultations on the legal steps to be taken after entering into marriage for foreign citizens seeking to obtain Czech citizenship by marriage. If you have not yet married your future Czech spouse and plan to do so in this country, our lawyer can also assist you with consultations regarding the procedures and preparation of necessary documents for registering the marriage with Czech authorities.

To obtain Czech citizenship by marriage, it is necessary to first become a permanent resident. Importantly, the marriage itself does not shorten the period required for you to reside in the country to be eligible to apply for Czech citizenship. There are two main situations that depend on the nationality of your foreign spouse: citizens of European Union and citizens of third countries.

What is the process for obtaining Czech citizenship by marriage?

If you are a foreign citizen and intend to permanently reside in the Czech Republic and marry a Czech citizen, it is important to know that marriage can be formalized as either a civil ceremony or a wedding ceremony, depending on your preferences. It is also worth noting that foreign citizens cannot obtain Czech citizenship by marriage faster than other categories of foreign citizens applying for citizenship.

  1. Marriage to a Czech Citizen: The first and foremost requirement is being legally married to a Czech citizen. This is the foundation of your eligibility for this citizenship pathway.

  2. Obtain a temporary residence in the Czech Republic: A foreigner arriving in the Czech Republic should apply for a temporary residence permit, which can later be converted into a Czech long term residence permit.

  3. Permanent residence: After five years residing in the Czech Republic with a temporary residence permit or Czech long term residence permit a foreign citizen can apply for permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic.

  4. Czech citizenship: For citizens of third countries, Czech citizenship through marriage can be applied for after residing continuously in the country for 5 years, while for citizens of EU, this period is reduced to 3 years.

List of Required Documents

To start application and apply for Czech citizenship by marriage, you'll need firstly apply for a temporary residence permit by marriage and gather a set of essential documents. These documents typically include:

  1. Birth certificate

  2. Proof of citizenship – travel document

  3. Proof of legal capacity to marry

  4. In some cases, confirmation of marital status and residence

  5. Certificate of eligibility for residence in the Czech Republic, issued by the Czech Republic Police, which must not be older than 7 working days as of the date of marriage

  6. If you have been married before, then also a divorce or death certificate.

Czech citizenship by marriage is a significant step toward becoming a part of the vibrant Czech Republic community. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of citizenship, including the right to live and work in the country, access to healthcare and education, and participation in civic activities.

To ensure a seamless pathway to acquire Czech citizenship by marriage, we recommend reaching out to our experienced immigration lawyer, who will assist you with the entire process, from obtaining temporary residence to achieving Czech citizenship through marriage. Our team has meticulously developed effective strategies and processes to facilitate a successful citizenship application.


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