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How to obtain Czech citizenship

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

How to obtain Czech citizenship

Gaining Czech citizenship signifies a profound integration into Czech society. The journey towards citizenship entails certain responsibilities, but it also offers numerous advantages. If you have an interest in eventually acquiring Czech citizenship and moving to Czech Republic, this article is tailored for your needs.

Before applying for Czech citizenship, it is recommended to consult with our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic. Our expert can provide you with additional information, answer all your questions, and assist you with every step of the application process according to Czech Republic immigration law.

Why to apply for Czech citizenship?

Obtaining Czech citizenship grants you full rights as a Czech citizen. In addition to permanent residency benefits, you gain the right to vote and be elected. Should you face difficulties abroad, seeking diplomatic protection from the Czech Republic and the European Union becomes a viable option. Czech citizenship also provides immunity from expulsion. The Czech passport facilitates enhanced travel freedom.

Czech citizenship can be obtained in several ways:

1. By Descent – When at least one parent holds citizenship of the Czech Republic.

2. Establishing Paternity – If the father is a Czech citizen and paternity is declared via the Registry office or court. In some cases, a genetic test might be necessary.

3. Through Adoption – If one of the adoptive parents is a Czech citizen.

4. By Being Discovered in the Czech Republic – For children below 3 years of age who cannot be identified.

5. Declaration Route – Applicable to individuals aged 18-21 who are permanent residents of the Czech Republic, possess a clean criminal record, and have lived in the country before turning 10.

6. Placement in Care Facilities – When a child experiences homelessness at birth and continues to do so, and is placed in foster care or other care arrangements.

7. Recognition for Significant Contributions – This applies to those who have made notable contributions to the Czech Republic (such as in science, education, culture, sports, humanitarian work, fulfilling international obligations, etc.). Permanent residency in the Czech Republic is a prerequisite.

8. Through Naturalization – subject to the conditions described below.

What is required for Czech citizenship?

The following prerequisites must be met:

1. Period of Permanent Residence:

  • 5 years for non-EU nationals.

  • A total of at least 10 years, including your immediate prior lawful residence in the Czech Republic.

  • 3 years for EU citizens.

2. Continuous Stay – You must maintain uninterrupted residency in the Czech Republic. A 'history of residence' document is required, issued by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic (OAMP) upon request.

3. Language and Knowledge – Demonstrating proficiency in Czech language at the B1 level and understanding of Czech facts is necessary. Exceptions apply if you've studied for a minimum of 3 years in Czech language education or if you're under 15 or over 65 years old.

4. Compliance with Legal Obligations – No legal obligations should be breached in the 3 years prior to application. These obligations encompass health insurance, social insurance, taxes, customs fees, fulfilling municipal responsibilities, submission of levies and fees, and child maintenance duties who is a permanent resident of the Czech Republic.

5. Income Proof – Proof of income and its sources for the past 3 years (excluding those under 18).

6. Financial Impact on Social Systems – No undue burden on state social security and material support systems in the last 3 years before application.

7. Residency Confirmation – Validation of actual presence in the Czech Republic, substantiated by study records, employment contracts, and related documents.

8. Integration and Compliance – Full integration into Czech society, including family, social, and labor relations, while adhering to legal prerequisites for citizenship.

It is essential to compile the following documents prior to submission:

1. Certified Copies – Civil registry documents such as birth, marriage, divorce certificates, and more.

2. Residency Certificate – Requested from the Department for Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of the Interior, providing a history of residence.

3. Language Proficiency Proof – Passing the Czech language and Czech facts exams or providing proof of exemption.

4. Criminal Record Excerpt – From your country of origin if applicable.

5. Certificate of no debt:

  • from your health insurance company.

  • from the Czech Social Security Administration.

  • the documents must be no older than 30 days.

6. Confirmation of no arrears:

  • in the tax records of the Financial Administration of the Czech Republic (tax arrears or debts with the tax office).

  • in the customs records of the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic (customs arrears or debts).

  • documents must be no older than 30 days.

7. Confirmation of not receiving state social support benefits and material needs benefits –The documents must be no older than 30 days.

8. Employment Documentation – Certified copies of employment contracts, pension insurance records, tax returns, and benefit certificates.

9. Educational Credentials – Certified copies of documents supporting Czech language studies.

10. Travel History – A list of all trips abroad in the past 3 years.

11. Life Overview (CV) – A narrative of your life emphasizing activities within the Czech Republic.

12. Citizenship Application – A written application in Czech language detailing the reasons for seeking Czech citizenship.

Prior to collecting these documents, it's advisable to contact your Regional or District Authority office for information about application timelines and appointment requirements. Additionally, review the specific document list provided by your local authority, often available on their website.

Application Process

  • The application is submitted using the "Form for application for Czech citizenship," accessible at the Regional Office or the District Authority office in Prague.

  • A fee is payable for the citizenship application: 2000 CZK for adults and 500 CZK for minors.

  • Within 30 days, the Regional or District Authority office forwards the application, along with attachments, to the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic for decision.

  • The Ministry of the Interior has a legal mandate of 180 days from delivery to issue a decision. However, the process usually takes longer.

  • The Ministry may request additional documents and statements about relevant changes since application submission.

  • If your application is declined, you have 15 days to submit a "remonstrance against the decision to reject your application for Czech citizenship."

  • Should your initial application be declined, you can submit a new application after a minimum of two years. Consideration of reasons for refusal is necessary before reapplying.

After Citizenship is Granted

  • Within 12 months of receiving notification, you must take the oath of allegiance in a public and solemn manner.

  • On this day, you officially become a Czech citizen. Children under 15 are exempt from this oath.

  • Return your residence permit card to OAMP.

  • Register your residence with municipal or district authorities.

  • Obtain a Czech birth certificate by registering your birth at the registry office.

  • Apply for a temporary ID card (valid for 3 months) and, after securing a Czech birth certificate, apply for a 10-year valid ID card.

For any further inquiries regarding this subject, feel free to contact our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic.


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